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Turkish Delight Anjelica Søndergaard Goodreads review

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Translated reviews from Danish reviewers:

I would recommend this to anyone who needs a little feel-good. The book contains funny situations, wonderful dialogues and unbridled statements 😜

“The novel just looks inviting with its beautiful and enticing cover in pastel colors💛 At the same time, the content is also just cozy, warm and an immersive reading experience. The author describes the 4 girlfriends and their personalities so well, and I can see myself in each of them. The insecure Maya, the unbridled June, the cool Charlotte and the meticulous Cecilia. The novel is light and airy, you will smile several times along the way and it could easily have taken place in real life.

I would recommend it to anyone who needs a little feel-good. The book contains funny situations, wonderful dialogues and unbridled statements 😜 And although the book is light, it also deals with several of the topics that women 40+ experience.

Finally, if you think you know what Turkish Delight is, guess again! 😝”

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Review of Turkish Delight

This novel is about women at their best. About bonds of friendship, life witnesses, freedom and fellowship, and surrendering to the fact that no human being is an island and to let yourself be caught by loving hands when life kicks you over.

“The novel is one of the funniest books I have read in a long time, but despite the warm and colourful humour, the seriousness and life’s challenges lie and simmer just below the surface, which is perhaps the finest thing about the story, which in its very own way shows us that despite different values and views of life, we can create meaningful relationships when we meet each other with the desire to understand and manage to put acceptance of differences at the forefront in order to learn from each other, rather than trying to change each other.

I loved being on holiday with the 4 girlfriends, and hope to be invited on many more trips in their wonderfully liberating, heartwarming, and fun company.”


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Review of Turkish Delight

Turkish Delight is a light and breezy summer book, a perfect holiday read by the poolside or on the terrace. It is well written and coherent. An excellent and glittering debut.

“Sunshine, summer drink, a beautiful book and the sweetest and most delicate Turkish Delight. There is plenty for both eyes and mouth   

I have had a party in the company of four – very different – girlfriends in their 40s who are going on their first holiday together. The tour goes to Turkey, a country that none of them have visited before. After 20 years of friendship, for better or worse, they know each other very well. Or do they? Perhaps it is only when you have travelled together, and maybe even lived in the same room, that new sides and truths really come forth? 

There is everything there should be on the trip to Turkey in form of clichés about charter holidays and tourists. And there’s fun and games, seriousness and honesty, drinks and hangovers – as well as conversations about men and sex. It’s like watching a really entertaining movie, and I couldn’t help but imagine who could be in the leading roles. …”

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Review of Turkish Delight

I would recommend the book to middle-aged women who are missing a good laugh and a reminder that no one is perfect, but along with our girlfriends, we are pretty awesome!

“After reading a lot of social realism lately, I was really looking forward to going a week down south with a bunch of women my age. I actually almost had a kind of travel fever before I opened the book.

Now, with both travel and books, the joy of anticipation is sometimes the greatest, but that is not the case with this beautiful debut novel.

The author manages to balance between good realistic dialogues and rather amusing situations. But even though the book is fun and enjoyable, it still covers a lot of the issues women of a certain age wrestle with. …”


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Review of Turkish Delight

Even though it’s been a few days since I finished the book, I still get a smile on my face and get in a holiday mood when I think about the book.

“I have been lucky enough to get my hands on this beautiful pastel coloured book. After all, I’m usually a slow reader, and yet this book was read in just 2 days.

I forgot everything around me, sat with the feeling of myself being on the most amazing beach holiday in beautiful Turkey. The author writes so vividly that you can see yourself sitting in the pool bar or being on the beach and witness the whole adventure unfold in front of you.

Even though I’ve never been on holiday in Turkey, or for that matter just been flying. It still feels like I have just returned from the most beautiful holiday to Turkey, a holiday filled with laughter, fun and love. …”


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Review of Turkish Delight

I would recommend “Turkish Delight” to you who love novels about female friendships, sex, summer, fun and mischief.

“In Turkish Delight, we follow a group of 4 women in their 40s. They have been close friends since youth, and now they have decided that together they will enjoy a holiday in Turkey without men and children.

The 4 women are very different, and they each have their own personality that shines through and contributes to the story. Most women will be able to identify with one or more of the women, which makes it delightfully believable.

It’s almost as if everything women in their 40s struggle with is being addressed in Turkish Delight: love, sex, men, body ideals and parents. The story contains both fun and seriousness, and it oozes holiday atmosphere. Søndergaard writes so that you, as a reader, feel you are there yourself. All aspects of charter holidays are included. …”

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Review of Turkish Delight